First 3.5 days, cycling the Great Divide (north bound)

I am tired! Highs have been hovering around 100F, but I am glad that I left when I did: I have met hoards of south-bound Tour Divide racers from around the world! Many are about to complete the race. Congratulations racers! I especially admire the New Zealanders — such spirit and love for the landscape and the ride.

As for me, I am riding in the opposite direction. I rode 370 miles from Silver City, NM to Cuba, NM in 3.5 days, and I am taking today (mostly) off. I am resting at the Cuban Lodge, which supports Divide riders. (Thank you Flora Lopez!) My breakfast had green chiles in it, of course. 🙂 Last night I enjoyed a local IPA from Almanac brewery.

I am “writing” (or rather, scrawling notes!) and taking photographs. I will post some pictures here.


The Continental Divide Trail is a lot more fun when you are not exhauted from racing thousands of miles:




Camped the first evening in Rocky Canyon:


New Mexican desert:



Cow family:


I stopped at the Pie Town Cafe in Pie Town, where I met the lovely Nita Larronde (the owner of Toaster House, a free hostel for bikepackers and backpackers; she is signing “pie”):



Toaster House

La Ventana Arch:


Chaco Canyon (riding through the reservation; thank you Elaine for the snow cones!):



Docile goats, dogs and horses roaming the road:


I hope to stop once or twice a week to post photographs. (Since I no longer own a smart phone, I have to stop at libraries and upload photographs.)

Author: sarahruthjansen

Sarah Ruth Jansen is an American scholar, philosopher, writer and outdoor adventurer. Between trimesters teaching philosophy in Minnesota Sarah bikepacked the Colorado Trail (Denver to Silverton) in 2014 and completed the cross-country Tour Divide Race in 2015. In 2016 Sarah won the Arizona Trail Race. You may contact Sarah at

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