Northern New Mexico, riding the Great Divide

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! A family (very kindly) took me into their cabin last night (in Como, Colorado). I am hanging out in Breckenridge, CO, which has not been affected by the wildfires raging across New Mexico and Colorado. (Cell phone towers have burned down, so I have had limited connectivity.)

I was only rerouted once, between Cuba and Abiquiu, NM. I took highway 96 instead of venturing into the (closed) Santa Fe National Forest.


I have only bought a motel room once (at the Cuban Lodge), where Flora Lopez (pictured below) gives cyclists a crazy discount. Thank you Flora!


I have been camping at RV parks and US Forest Service campsites. I am quite comfortable camping. It only took me FOUR YEARS to learn to feel comfortable in the outdoors! I no longer take sleep, allergy or pain medication, which, in my book, is quite an accomplishment. This is my tent at the Abiquiu Reservoir (Riyana RV Park):



While at the Georgia O’Keefe Visitor’s Center in Abiqui, a lovely couple (Bill and Annie) bought me a meal and sent me off with money for more meals! One of the reasons I do these rides is because it reminds me that people are basically good, and the world is basically beautiful. 🙂



I can see why she fell in love with the landscape! After Abiquiu I met Silvia in Cannon Plaza. She opened up her tiny store for me. Thanks Silvia!


After Cannon Plaza, the terrain started to look like Colorado. I biked up into the aspens, then camped at Hopewell Lake.



Author: sarahruthjansen

Sarah Ruth Jansen is an American scholar, philosopher, writer and outdoor adventurer. Between trimesters teaching philosophy in Minnesota Sarah bikepacked the Colorado Trail (Denver to Silverton) in 2014 and completed the cross-country Tour Divide Race in 2015. In 2016 Sarah won the Arizona Trail Race. You may contact Sarah at

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