Northern New Mexico, riding the Great Divide

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! A family (very kindly) took me into their cabin last night (in Como, Colorado). I am hanging out in Breckenridge, CO, which has not been affected by the wildfires raging across New Mexico and Colorado. (Cell phone towers have burned down, so I have had limited connectivity.)

I was only rerouted once, between Cuba and Abiquiu, NM. I took highway 96 instead of venturing into the (closed) Santa Fe National Forest.


I have only bought a motel room once (at the Cuban Lodge), where Flora Lopez (pictured below) gives cyclists a crazy discount. Thank you Flora!


I have been camping at RV parks and US Forest Service campsites. I am quite comfortable camping. It only took me FOUR YEARS to learn to feel comfortable in the outdoors! I no longer take sleep, allergy or pain medication, which, in my book, is quite an accomplishment. This is my tent at the Abiquiu Reservoir (Riyana RV Park):



While at the Georgia O’Keefe Visitor’s Center in Abiqui, a lovely couple (Bill and Annie) bought me a meal and sent me off with money for more meals! One of the reasons I do these rides is because it reminds me that people are basically good, and the world is basically beautiful. 🙂



I can see why she fell in love with the landscape! After Abiquiu I met Silvia in Cannon Plaza. She opened up her tiny store for me. Thanks Silvia!


After Cannon Plaza, the terrain started to look like Colorado. I biked up into the aspens, then camped at Hopewell Lake.