Colorado, cycling the Great Divide

Despite the fires, I LOVE being in Colorado! I welcome the cooler temperatures and the roller coaster ride up and down big mountains. It took a day or two to adjust to the higher elevations, between 9-12 thousand feet above sea level.

I am feeling good. I took a day off in Del Norte, Colorado, where I had a new drive train (cassette, jockey wheels, chain, chain ring) put on my bike. I also bought a new rear tire, bottom bracket bearings and rear hub bearings.

Both bicycle and body are running beautifully! I am only averaging about 80 miles a day, but I am taking in a lot more than when I raced and averaged 130 miles a day.

Platoro, Colorado

(Thanks Mike at Gold Pan RV park for a great meal! He has a cabin for Divide riders):


My campsite on a cliff above the Rio Grande:


Near Horca, CO:



My new personal hero, Hal Russell, who is racing Tour Divide for his 5th year, after completing the American Trail Race in 66 days. He is twice my age and a Vietnam Vet! He is the happiest person I have encountered on the Divide. 🙂 His wife of 45 years is following him online.



Near Salida:


My friend new friend Jason and I at the coffee shop in Salida. Jason was kind enough to let me crash with him and his hound, Dixi:


Larry and Roy are in great spirits and are charting their adventures on their blog.


“Lanterne Rouge” Tour Divide Racers in Hartsel, CO. Sarah Grace (from Huntsville, AL) left Michael (from State College, PA) behind on Gold Dust trail. 🙂 He caught up with her at the mercantile in Hartsel, where I found them both.


Fires just north of Hartsel: :-S Smoky smell. Fortunately, the wind was blowing the fire away from me.


The pass I climbed this morning:



Breckenridge, a favorite Colorado town of mine!


Amazing Grace, where I just had lunch. It is my favorite restaurant in Colorado. I have yet to find a better vegan chocolate chip cookie. The restaurant is inside an old house.


Okay, back to the Divide! I am sorry if these posts are a bit quick. I can only post when I find an open library.